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June 2008

Under my skin


As I used to live in Hokkaido island (north Japan) for several years in my childhood, I'm good at ice skating.

But it's speed skating with long-edge-skating shoes. Without any graceful performance elements like figure skating. "Run fast, run!", that's all...
As we learned skating in school gym class every winter time, all the local kids including me could skate well and enjoyed it although we sometime felt a little boring (no spins, no turns, no jumps...).
Actually full-throttle-riding on a huge ice link was crazy exciting !

One day, my feet and legs got entangled when I was skating in full speed on ice. My body was suddenly thrown up to the air and fell down from head. At the moment my sight turned into darkness, and I faded out for a few seconds.
After some minutes, I got finally able to stand up with some friends' help...

Of course my mother took me to hospital immediately because I still felt sick, had ringing in my ears.
As soon as I got the hospital, the doctor decided to take X-ray photograph of my skull.

Somebody, have you ever seen your own skull? Maybe quite few.
That was one of the most unbelievable, impressive and funniest photos that I've ever seen.

As I felt so bad and very sulky, I clinched my teeth and I knitted my brows so tight. My face must have looked so painfull.
However, in the photo, all the teeth were shown to the end of back ones very clearly, there were no skin gathers, of course........Yes, to my astonishment, my skull showed a big smile!

At that moment, I could get a very philosophical answer although I felt sick.

A, ha.

Something painful, disgusting, unpleasant, sad or angry happens only upon my skin....

My skull was smiling even when I faced hardships.

Is smilimg today, will be smiling tomorrow, too.....under my skin.

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Art Fes in Zushi


"KOKORO no MATSURI" 8th June (Sun) 10:00 - 16:00
at Kamegaoka Shrine, near by Zushi station.

!!Attention!!! According to bad weather, it's postponed to 15th (SUN)

It's a very comfortable art event featured flea market,food court, and performance stage.
More info → click here

I and my student will take part in it.
We'll make spinning demonstration and sell hand made fabric items.

Come to join us!

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