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August 2008

Knitt Cafe August


August 24 (Sun) 13:00 -

Makiko's studio in Khaju Art space holds a small comfortable tea party with knitting every 4th Sunday.

Everybody who likes knitting is welcome including beginners.
Don't hesitate to join us!

You can buy beautiful hand-dyed yarns here at very reasonable price.

◆1000 yen for entrance fee (+drinks and sweets)
◆Bring your own knitting tools if you have.
◆Inquiry : 0467-23-3663 or mail us

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Open letter to Indiana Jones


Dear Dr. Indiana Jones,

I went to movie theater in Yokohama with my son yesterday.

"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" ...oh, welcome back, Indy!

When I saw the first one of this series "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark", I was the same age as my son. That movie was full of adventure, dream, romance, and amazing imagination, in fact, worthy of kingship of Hollywood stuff.

So yesterday I was so excited because I would be able to share my good memory in my childhood with my son although there is a big generation gap between us.

And yes, my son came to like the latest Indy very much, of course.

Indiana Jones,

I'm so happy to see you again. You are still very attractive, giving a great hope to aged people and becoming my son's new hero .

But at the same time I think you made a big mistake this time. And this mistake is unpleasant for us Japanese, Indy.

Nobody can survive from such a terrible explosion of atomic bomb.

No matter who.

You put yourself into an old refrigerator to avoid the bomb's effect, right?


According to the knowledge from my school education, at the center of the explosion such a cheep refrige melts down in a few seconds.

After the explosion, you unbelievably get out from the reflige and look up the huge
mushroom cloud just in front of you!!

No way.

And you wash out "ash of death" with water and deck-brushes!

Too easy, Indy.

August 6th, 1945.

As you know the Enola Gay threw drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima city.

And 3 days later another one was dropped on Nagasaki.

According to the research in 1991 by Hiroshima city, it is said that the numbers of victims by acute radioactive disorder is 140,000(+−10,000) at the point in November 1945. During following 5 years, other 110.000 people died by the aftereffect.

Other living victims have been keeping on suffering from long terrible physical aftereffect and miserable mental pain called "prejudice" until today. For more than 60 years.

In my country, not only for the victims' generation but also for my generation who have war-experienced parents, atomic bombs are the one which we must not explode again even in books, on TV or in movies.

The one which is absolutely untouchable.

Indy, why did you make light of atomic weapons so stupidly although you are such a world-wide-famous hero?

Don't you think many kids might get a wrong image about atomic bombs?

Why atomic one. Are there no other ways to show your attraction without atomic bombs?

You married Marion. Happy for you, Indy.

But I know your marriage would become tough.

Because you will have some different kinds of cancer at the same time very soon.

Surgeries, painful endless chemical treatments, the burden of financial problem......... it might be hard for you and your family.

I'm so sorry about it.

Good bye, Indiana Jones.

Your fan,


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