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January 2009

Sunazawa Bikky Retrospective Exhibit


Sunazawa Bikky Retrospective Exhibit in Khaju

This is a great opportunity to touch this outstanding artist from Hokkaido Island.
Acctually we Khaju members are proud that we invite such an organized
petrospective exhibit of his which we can see various pieces of his huge artwork.

Bikky who passed away just 2 decades ago, was not only a successor of Ainu (native Hokkaido people) culture, but also had very unique eyes to watch over the beauty of Hokkaido nature and established his own style in wooden sculptures, dorwings, or paintings.

As Bikky was such an open minded, attructive, dynamic character who kept on having child heart, and totally dedicated himself to his artwork, one writer who knew Bikky very well used to write on the day of his death "he was very like Ivan III the Great, Russia."

As in his young time, he spent several years in Kamakura, Bikky's son Sunazawa Auta chose
this Khaju Art Space in Kamakura as the first place to start this exhibit tour. For Auta it seems that this project is to find "unknown hidden faces" of his father.

We can proudly say that this show will give you something special.
With the wind from the North.

■ January 24 (Sat) 〜 26 (Mon)


24th 13:00-18:00 (opening reception, exhibit, video show)

25th 10:00-18:00 (exhibit, video show, performance attraction, guest talk show)

26th 10:00-17:00 (Exhibit, video show)

[guest talk show]Hariu Ichirou talks about Bikky
Mr. Hariu is one of the most active art commentators. He is not only a famous commentator who lead Japanese art scene in 60-80's , , organized many art events and sustained Bikky's art work but also a personal friend of Bikky.

[singing performance]Ainu Folk Song Unit "Kanna"
As Ainu people did not have letters, they used to success they tradition by story telling and singing. Ainu folk songs called "Upopo" have special power to make vibration to tough every one's heart.

※Please make booking by phone 0467-23-3663 Charge is 1000 yen.

■ Admission : Free ※not including the door charge for the guest talk & singing performance.

Khaju Art Spaceaccess

57-1 Nikaido Kamakura Tel 0467-23-3663


45 years has passed since I was born as the son of Bikky and Junko.

My father's past "connections" started to become more and more apparent to me. It was a strong but comfortable feeling. It is hard for me to admit, but this was the first time that I realized Bikky was so widely loved and continued to influence people even today.

As the son of Bikky, I feel sorry for not only having neglected Bikky but for also ignoring those people who treated Bikky with so much respect.

I wanted to show my thanks toward all those people who have supported Bikky up until now by planning this memorial exhibition. At the same time, I would like to promote the new "connections" which will be made through this exhibition to the next generation. I am sure a new "creation" will emerge as a result.

Sunazawa Bikky Memorial Project Producer

Sunazawa Jin (Auta)

■Project Concept

In January 2009, we remember Bikky Sunazawa, one of the best sculptors in Japan, who passed away 20 years ago. We start this project from Kamakura which was a base for the creative activities of Bikky in his 20's. We then continue to Sapporo, Asahikawa and Otaru where Bikky had many connections and then finish in Kanagawa where Bikky held his last exhibition. This memorial exhibition is not just an exhibition of Bikky's art. It starts from unexpected place, not from a museum or gallery. Furthermore, we hope that a new "creative" movement will be inspired through this project through the exchange of new "connections" from Bikky's art and next generation artists.

■Biography see the photos

Sunazawa Bikky

(1931-1989 born Asahikawa City, Hokkaido)Sculptor/Contemporary artist

Although many people tend to stress the influence of his indigenous background and indigenous culture in his art, Bikky stands alone as a complete artist regardless of his background. Bikky created his art by communicating with his wood, his key material, not as an artist, but as a human being, and providing a new image for that wood. Most of his artexpresses a relationship with nature, an exchange of communication and friendship and building the image of family, which is the story of life itself. Connections which are one of the concepts in this exhibition has continued as a core theme through his art.

■Contact : Sunazawa Bikky Memorial Project Organizing Committee

Tel 011-820-8111 (Sapporo Office)



Organizer : Sunazawa Bikky Memorial Project Organizing Committee

Sponsorship : Kanagawa Education Committee, Kamakura City, Kamakura City Education Committee, Kamakura City Tourist Association, Sapporo City Tourist Association

Cosponsor : Sasahara Packing Limited, MOL Ferry Co., Ltd.

Partners : Khaju Art Space, middles, Ishikawa Kyuta, Hayashi Hideyuki, Kai Yoshiaki, Matsushima Nobuyuki, Matsushima Chiyo, IshijimaShinobu

Planning and Management : Atelier・BIKKY, Association for the Preservation of the art of Sunazawa Bikky and Ainu culture (NPO) (Founding Committee), Art Exposure & Total Design

Creative & Management

Executive Producer : Sunazawa Jin (Auta)

Executive Curator : Nakai Eiko

Executive Manager : Miyoshi Nari

Creative Direction : Art Exposure & Total Design

Graphic Design : Hamaguchi Tsubasa

Material/Display Design: Urahama Taishi

Architect Design : Konno Masato

Logo Design : Mochizuki Akira

Photo Works : Kai Yoshiaki

Management Support : Hasegawa Yuuki, KurataShowei, Sato Yoshiro

Commentator : Hariu Ichiro

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