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April 2009

The 13th Khaju Spring festival

Khaju0502 Khaju0503 Khaju0614
☆Thank you so much for coming down to join us! See you next year!
The photos →click here!

Khaju Spring Festival is annual function of Khaju Art Space. We are very proud that we welcome many wonderful artists. This festival is a part of The 4th Kamakura Roji Art Festival

April 24th (Fri)・24th (Sat)・26th (Sun) 10:00 〜 16:00

◆Demonstration of Khaju classes
We show every activity of all the classes of Khaju

◆Exhibits and Workshops by local artists
We invite many nice artists and introduce their works.

Salsa, Indian music, Japanese traditional instrument music and so on.

◆Flea Market

◆Backyard Cafe
Hot pizza from a stone oven, drink bar, snacks, hot dogs, and and??

◆Information Corner
You can get any kinds of local information in Kamakura.


Tanaka Weaving Craft Studio
weaving and spinning demonstration

Andante Piano Studio(26)13:00〜
open lesson (25th)

NAOMI Vocal Training Class(26)13:00〜

Kawasaki Drawing Class(24,25,26)

Kids Art Class(24,25,26)

Body Relaxation/Tamura Ryuji(25)
"how to ease pain of sholders neck and back"
The fee ¥2000(10〜15min. )


◆Yamaguchi Isao(25,26)
Portrait drawing and exhibit

exhibit of original illustration→more info

◆Hokuhan Studio × K space (27,28,29)
exhibit of hande made bottons
→more info

Sato Chikako(24,25,26)
fabric art work based on Bulgarian cords、textiles and workshop →more info

Nomura Azusa(24,25,26)
exhibit of hande made hats and textiles →more info

◆Nomura Mieko(24,25,26)
exhibit of potteries →more info

"Miharukasu"(Mukai Rie)(24,26)
exhibit of home span yarns and spinning workshop →more info

Fujita Asami(24,25,26)
workshop"Let's design original font for somebody you love"〜
exhibit of original parer works
→more info

exhibit of felt goods
→more info

Ikegami Emiko、(24,25,26)
exhibit of woven textiles →more info

Ito Haruka、(24,25,26)
exhibit of woven textiles

Tanaka Makiko(24,25,26)
exhibit of woven textiles →more info


Koto band " Kuramani and friends"(25) 11:00 〜11:40 13:40〜14:20
Japanese harp session with Japanese fork songs

Hindu Pondu (Nakamura Yocchan & Ishida Shiori) (25)14:40〜
Indian traditional music

Massage Palor "Tenkarado"(24)
Body relaxation →mor info

Circus Arts Therapy Caraban(24,25,26)
art therapy workshop →more info

◆ Igawa Shotaro(26)
"Let's play with Japanes traditional toys"

◆Salsa Party!(25,26)
short lesson of basic steps→more info

[Backyard Cafe]

◆Soyokaze Pizza(24,25,26)
hot pizza from stone oven →more info

Kamata Cooking Studio(25,26)
hand made sausages and hot dogs→more info

Kotado Yuko(25,26)
Chinese tea room →more info

◆Tanaka Setsuko(24,25)
home made jams

"Temari"(Misonoi Yuko) (25,26)
Japanese confectioneries

Patisserie R(25)
baked sweets →more info

Cafe & Bar Magokoro(24,25,26)
drink bar

◆Saito Kimiko(26)
Japanese foods


Hande Made Shop TOMO (24,26)
original goods by disable people →more info

Kamakura Fuji Shokai(24,25,26)
fair traded goods from Asia and South America

Brazilian Herb SABIA (25)
the goods produced by NGO "Emaus" to support street children in Brazil. natural herbs and so on

Khaju Brand(24,25,26)
ecological textile items →more info

"Kitakamakura Detectives" (24,25,26)
original giude books about Kamakura →more info

Btt_leaf_2↓photos of the past


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