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July 2009

'09 Khaju Summer Workshop Series

"Khaju Summer Workshop Series 2000" is open as our annual function.
You can experience many interesting 1_day_workshops.
Of course some of them are good for small kids!

Please make a reservation beforehand.
[Inquiry & Reservation]
t/f 0467-23-3663
Mail here

※We will never give back charge if you make sudden cancels. We appreciate your understanding, thank you.

◆Indigo Tie-Dye Tanaka Makiko
Aug. 23rd(Sat) 10:00 〜 15:30
Indigo blue is the most longing color for us Japanese. We have a long history of Indigo dyeing. You can learn basics of Indigo and tie-dye .
◇¥4500+material costs
 Khaju friendship members ¥4000+material costs
 students under 18 ¥1500+material costs
◇Please bring:  your lunch, notebook, plastic bags, apron and used T-shirts/scarves or other natural materials if you have.


◆Dyeing with Natural plants Tanaka Makiko
Aug. 26th(Wed) 10:00 〜 15:30
Let's get beautiful colors from garden plants. You can study basic safe technique and theory about natural dyeing.
◇Charge  ¥4500+material costs
 Khaju friendship members ¥4000+material costs
  students under 18 ¥1500+material costs
◇Please bring:  your lunch, notebook, plastic bags, apron and used T-shirts/scarves or other natural materials if you have.


◆Felt Making for BiginnersTanaka Makiko
August 28th(fri) 10:00 〜 15:30
Let's make accessory parts, coasters or small bags with colorful wool material.
◇Charge  ¥3000 (Khaju friendship members¥2800)
◇Please bring : your lunch and apron


◆Felt Making for the Advanced Tanaka Makiko
August 29th(sat) 10:00 〜 15:30
you can learn advanced techniques for expression of complicated surface design and three dimensional constructs.
◇Charge  adult¥6000 +material costs friendship member ¥5800+material costs under 18 ¥3000+material costs
◇Please bring : your lunch and apron

◆Photo Therapy 2 days Workshop  Horiuchi Akiko


Taking photos is a nice relaxation as you know. Ms. Horiuchi is a special therapist with teaching photography. You can find clear vision what's your favorite, what you need, or about your natural born artisic talent.
*You can borrow the camera if you don't have.


1 lesson
○Lecture "what is Photo Therapy"

○Discussion with your photos
○Group discussion

◇Charge ¥4,000+material costs
◇Please bring: your camemra(any type, ok)

*student charge 10% off (please show your ID)

*friendship members will get a special favor!

【Instructor's profile】

Director of her own photo studio"Photo Enchante"

Photographer, Photo Therapist(a member of Photo Therapy Association)

Graduated from photography department, Nippon University in 1991. After working as an office worker and a photographer in wedding receptions, became a photo therapist.

Now making many therapy workshops and working as an outstanding still-life photographer.

◆"Easy Yoga for Relaxation" Honjo Noriko

August 30th(sun)
Honjo Noriko is not only a licensed Yoga instructor but also a reliable adviser for health care. Her policy is "Happy Aging" and "Do It Yourself". And she always supports you with certain knowledge, rich experience and positive mind. If you have some kinds of trouble in your body or soul, we definitely recommend you to meet her!

【Session 1】 10:30〜11:30

Fixing your warped pelvis to get back the healthy body.

◇Fee adult /¥2500 friendship member/¥2000  (including texts)

◇belongings   2 face towels, water or tea for drinking

【Session 2】 13:00〜14:00

Very joyful Yoga for small kids and mamas & papas!

◇Fee 1 pair of kid & parent ¥2000 1 pair of friendship members / ¥1500  (including texts)

◇belongings  2 face towels, water or tea for drinking

【Session 3】 14:30〜16:30

Hand treatment lessons based on ancient Indian theory for relaxation of body and brain.

◇Fee adult /¥6000  friendship member/  ¥5500 (including texts)

◇ belongings  2 face towels, water or tea for drinking


【Instructor's Profile 】

Director of "Hesutia", class for good health and good life with self-care based on Yoga.

After working as a gym teacher at high schools for several years, met Yoga and come to know the big difference between physical exercises and Yoga.
After getting a teaching license of Yoga, kept on study various kinds of body works. having many classes to let them know "Protect, Keep and Getting better by yourself", in which there are more than 100 students from 0-year-old baby to 91-year old lady.
Also having many lectures.

◆Knit Cafe
Tanaka Makiko
Aug. 30th(Sun) 13:00 〜 17:00
Why don't you join this easy and comfortable chatting time with knitting tools. You can copy texts here, get good advise from experienced knitters and buy some beautiful hand dyed/homespun yarns at very reasonable price. Don't hesitate to join even if you are a very beginner !

◇Charge ¥1000(including drinks and snacks)


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KhajuBrand '09 Summer Show


KhajuBrand '09 Summer Show
〜latest fabric Items for summer and early autumn〜

July 23rd(thu)  〜 August 2nd (sun) 11:00 - 17:30

KhajuBrand, which is an independent fabric brand in Khaju Art Space, Kamakura, is holding the summer show as annual function. You will find good hand-woven table mats and tapestries, original bags,wears, aprons or various color vegetable-dyed silkscarves. If you are knitters or weavers, let us recommend our vegetable-dyed yarns. We are showing silk, wool linen, cotton yarns in rich colors.
Also you can enjoy Japanese Confectioneries by "Temari"(Misonoi Yuko)

※We are so sorry that we have to raise the of our yarns from the beginning of September.So if you'd like to buy them, please get during this show or by the end of August at least.

KhajuBrand(Tanaka Makiko & Ikegami Emiko)

Japanese Confectionery Brand "Temari"(Misonoi Yuko)

Khaju Art Space
57-1 Nikaido Kamakura, Japan
t/f +81-(0)467-23-3663

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