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April 2011

The 15th Khaju Spring festival

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Khaju Spring Festival is annual function of Khaju Art Space. We are very proud that we welcome many wonderful artists. This festival is a part of The 6th Kamakura Roji Art Festival

April 29th (Fri/holiday)・30th (Sat)・May 1st (Sun) 10:00 〜 16:00

◆Demonstration of Khaju classes
We show every activity of all the classes of Khaju

Thank you for coming to join us! The photo album is here.

◆Exhibits and Workshops by local artists
We invite many nice artists and introduce their works.

Salsa, Japanese traditional instrument music and so on.

◆Flea Market

◆Backyard Cafe
Hot pizza from a stone oven, drink bar, snacks, hot dogs, and and??

◆Information Corner
You can get any kinds of local information in Kamakura.


Tanaka Weaving Craft Studio
 weaving and spinning demonstration, mini-exhibits

Andante Piano Studio
 1st 13:30〜 demonstration
  30th, open lesson

NAOMI Vocal Training Class
1st 13:30〜 demonstration

Kawasaki Drawing Class(29,30,1)
 students' exhibit
 Kawasaki Tomoko's exhibits  

Japanese Class"MON"/Saito Shizuko(29,30,1)

Architecture Class(29,30,1)


Yamaguchi Isao(30)
 live painting, postcard shop. portrait drawing /¥1000

Hokuhan Studio (29,30,1)
 800 kinds of hand made ceramic button shop

CheeRA(Nomura Azusa) (29,30,1)
 hats and fabric items exhibit

Hayami Natsuhiko & Tomioka Seiichi (29,30,1)
 potteries exhibit

Ito Haruka(29,30,1)

Tanaka Makiko (29,30,1)

◆Tanaka Weaving Studio (29,30,1)

kei's room/Hatakeyama Keiko

MauA/Takimoto Kyoko

・Suzuki Rie

◆Khaju Knit Cafe Friends(29,30,1)

・Aizuki Jummy
・Oshima Tami

・Ono Akiko

・Sasaki Sachiko



Japanese Instrument Live/Mori Keiko(Shamisen)&Sakurai Shosan(Shakuhachi)(29) 12:00 〜
 live performance and mini-lecture

Iwaki rieko(29)14:00〜
 Accordion live

Koto Academy (5/1) 12:00 〜
 Koto(Japanes Harp) live performance

foolish fish(30) 14:00 〜
 Shimizu Tomomi(Vo&G)Hayashi Jun(G&Cho)'s live performance

Hanauta Art(29,30,1)
art and craft workshop

KOKORO's photo workshop(29)
 one point advice for photo taking

Salsa Party!(30)
 short lesson of basic steps

Gardener Oshima's craft workshop(29,30,1)
 let's make toys with bamboo!

[Backyard Cafe]

<3p.m.Sanji>Deli SHOP(29)
 healthy & teasty medical cooking!

Kamata Cooking Studio(30,1)
 hand made sausages, hot dogs, and hot pizzza!

Kakeda Shoten(29,30,1)
 standing bar with various kinds of SAKE

Tanaka Setsuko(29)
 home made jams

Toshiko's Sweets & Chikako's natural foods (29)
 Maeda Toshiko's cake and her daughter Chikako's rice balls

Patisserie R(1)
 baked sweets

Barat's Chai Shop(30,1)
 Indian curry, naan and chai.


itzeboo Original T-shirt shop (29,30,1)
 natural dyed T-shirts

MONOCA STORE(29,30,1))
accessories, fabrics, and postcards

Brazilian Herb SABIA (29,30,1)
 the goods produced by NGO "Emaus" to support street children in Brazil. natural herbs and so on

Khaju Brand(29,30,1))
 ecological textile items





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