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February 2012

The 5th Kamakura Tea Time


Kamakura Tea Time〜Get together to talk with hot cofee〜

The 5th:Feb.19th(Sun) 13:00~16:00

Khaju Art Spcace
57-1Nikaido Kamakura

Kamakura Tea Time

It's a very easy and comfortable project for everybody to get together for making a good time with a cup of coffee. There are no difficult rules,themes or purposes. Please join us with easy/open/flexible mind and let's make up joyful brain-storming. The keyword of this time is "Record sound". As we prepare a record player, please bring your best record!

【Entrance fee】¥500

【Belongings】Curiosity and your favorite coffee cup

【Introduction of the organizer】Yhara Tadahiko


Spent his childhood until graduation from high shool in Sanin area and lived in Yokohama since his college time. Now lives in Kamakura.

Majored history of European economy, especially modernization theory and civil society theory, besides Russian literature, Japanese literature, and philosophy.

Worked in a thinktank, taught management consultantion, corporate in‐service training, marketing, strategic management and organizational management for change and Innovation at two colleges.

"Kamakura Tea Time" is based on his life experience and theory like "meeting people always gives us many things to make our life rich".

mail here

HP→Kamakura Tea Time

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Irifunetei Senri RAKUGO performance


At the beginning of March we proudly invite an outstanding professional RAKUGO performer Senri as a special version of "Kamakura Tea Time".It would be a great opportunity to touch Japanese traditional story telling performance. We believe you can enjoy the sounds of old fashioned Japanese language even though you don't understand Japanese. We'll prepare English guidance.
Info for printing→http://khaju.cocolog-nifty.com/senri.pdf→here!

March 4th (sun)  13:30 open  14:00 start

■adult     ¥ 2200 (¥2500 on the door)
■Khajju friend ship member ¥ 2000 (¥2300 on the door)
■high school student    ¥ 1500
※Sorry, kids under 12 are not available.

Coordinator  : Yahara Tadahiko http://sa-ron-kamakura.sblo.jp/

入船亭 扇里(Irifunetei Senri)http://senri.daa.jp/

Born July 11th, 1976 in Kanagawa prefecture.
Start his currier under his master Irifunetei Senkyou in 1996 with his first stage name 'Senpai'.
Became advanced-class-performer and changed the name to 'Senri' in 2000.Became master-class-performer in 2010.
Many experiences to make up stages at RAKUGO halls and salons, besides having stages at school or workshops for kids, acts as FM radio DJ, or performa at live houses.
His policy is "Act sincerely for everybody in any places".


◆Khaju Art Space

鎌倉市二階堂57-1 t/f 0467-23-3663 art@khaju.com

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Knit Cafe February

Knit_aug04 Tokk

◆Knit Cafe February  February 26th. 13:30 -

Makiko's studio in Khaju Art space holds a small comfortable tea party with knitting every 4th Sunday.

Everybody who likes knitting is welcome including beginners.
Don't hesitate to join us!

You can buy beautiful hand-dyed yarns here at very reasonable price.

◆1000 yen for entrance fee (+drinks and sweets)
◆Bring your own knitting tools if you have.
◆Inquiry : 0467-23-3663 or mail us

This month we are also going to joinThink Of JAPAN Whille Kniting Kansai's activity, again.

When you click the project name, you will see the detailed information including draft of the motif design and Youtube movies of how to crochet.

Let's get together to join this project on 26th at Khaju!

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