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May 2012

I day Trial Course of Natural Dyeing

Hiogizuisen05 Shakuyaku06

"How do I dye with plants?" If you have such a question, this trial class would be helpful for you to know it. You can learn the basics of natural dyeing with seasonal wild plants for half a day.


May 30th(Wed) 13:00 〜 16:30




・some silk/wool material for dyeing if you have

(You can buy scarves, yarns and so on in the class at reasonable price.)

3,500JPN(+material cost) friendship members 3,200JPN 

Tanaka Makiko


Please send e-mail to Khaju Art Space

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The 6th Kamakura Tea Time


Kamakura Tea Time〜Get together to talk with hot cofee〜

The 6th:May 20th(Sun) 13:00~16:00

Khaju Art Spcace
57-1Nikaido Kamakura

Kamakura Tea Time

It's a very easy and comfortable project for everybody to get together for making a good time with a cup of coffee. There are no difficult rules,themes or purposes. Please join us with easy/open/flexible mind and let's make up joyful brain-storming. The keyword of this time is "Record sound". As we prepare a record player, please bring your best record!

【Entrance fee】¥500

【Belongings】Curiosity and your favorite coffee cup

【Introduction of the organizer】Yhara Tadahiko


Spent his childhood until graduation from high shool in Sanin area and lived in Yokohama since his college time. Now lives in Kamakura.

Majored history of European economy, especially modernization theory and civil society theory, besides Russian literature, Japanese literature, and philosophy.

Worked in a thinktank, taught management consultantion, corporate in‐service training, marketing, strategic management and organizational management for change and Innovation at two colleges.

"Kamakura Tea Time" is based on his life experience and theory like "meeting people always gives us many things to make our life rich".

mail here

HP→Kamakura Tea Time

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