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June 2012

'12 Khaju Summer Workshop Series

"Khaju Summer Workshop Series 2012" is held as our annual function.
We present many interesting workshops this summer as well. Of course some of them are good for small kids! Don't hesitate to join us!

Please make a reservation beforehand.

[Inquiry & Reservation]

t/f 0467-23-3663 or mail here

※Please understand that we might request you to pay the fee in the case of your sudden cancel or absence without notice.

◆Gentle Yoga: unwind your body and mind  Stacey Krumenacker
◆Jul. 20 (fri) and Sep.7(fri) (1)9:30 〜11:00 , (2)11:30〜13:00
Yoga focuses on stretching and strengthening the body while focusing on the breath in order to relax and focus the mind. Therefore it improves both physical and mental health.
・gentle yoga for all levels and all ages
・semi-private 4-5 people
・you may attend both classes if you like
・yoga mats available to borrow (no charge) or bring your own
*private lessons (individual or group) are also possible. You may request your time and day.Please contact to Stacey.

【9:30 Class】
We will cultivate a deep powerful breath to help us to open and release our muscles in a gentle yoga class that includes warming up, standing, seated and laying down poses followed by deep relaxation time.

【11:30 Class】
We will use simple movements to warm up the body and then focus mainly on seated and lying down poses. We will use slow deep breathing to encourage the body to release and the mind to relax. We will then practice some self-massage techniques before our final relaxation time.


◇¥2,000/each class Friendship Member/ ¥1,800
◇Please wear something comfortable and bring your own Yoga mat.

[Stacey Krumenacker]

Stacey has been practicing yoga since 1997. She has been teaching yoga for 7 years in Tokyo and Hayama. She has studied yoga and meditation in America, India and Japan. She recently training in Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She has lived in Japan for 10 years. Her classes are a mix of Japanese and simple English. She hopes that her students will leave her class felling relaxed, refreshed and a little clearer.


◆Knit Cafe Tanaka Makiko Weaving Studio
◆Jul.22・Aug.26(sun)13:00 〜 17:00

Makiko's studio in Khaju Art space holds a small comfortable tea party with knitting every 4th Sunday.
Everybody who likes knitting is welcome including beginners.
Don't hesitate to join us!
You can buy beautiful hand-dyed yarns here at very reasonable prices.
Please bring your own knitting tools if you have them.


◇¥1,000 (including drinks and sweets)


◆How to wear a Yukata  Mori Michiko

◆Jul.25(wed)13:30‐16:00 ※postponed to 26(thu) if it rains.
On July 25 is the day of Kamakura Fireworks on Yuigahama Beach. Why don't you go there with wearing a Yukata,(casual summer Kimono.) Mrs. Mori will help you to wear it! Men, women and kids (also) welcome.

20090524_obi(photo from here)



◆Calligraphy Class Free Trial  Irisawa Kazuyo

◆Jul.27, Aug.3, Aug.24, Aug.31(fri) 13:00 〜 16:00
Kazuyo's calligraphy class, which is a popular regular classes at Khaju, is open the class to everyone who are interested in Japanese calligraphy.
For adults:basic technique, Hiragana writing, Kanji writing, or designed letter writing.
For kids:basic technique of brush/pen writing
Please feel free to join!


◇Please bring your own writing brush. ※You can borrow if you don't have one.


◆Let's Make Candleholder with Plastic Bottle!  Yoshida Mihoko

◆Jul.29(sun) 13:00 〜 16:00
Illustrator Mihoko teaches you how to make a beautiful caldleholder with wasted plastic bottle.
Since 3.11, "electricity" has become a big issue for us Japanese.
"I hope the candle light will be an opportunity to think about this problem." Mihoko says.


◇Adult/¥1000 (including candle and sweets) Friendship Member/ ¥800

(Kids under 6 year old, please participate with your parent.)

◇Please bring scissors and a straight-shaped plastic bottle(500ml).


◆Making of Natural Insect Repellent Spray and Ointment  Kata Yoko
◆Jul.30 13:00 〜 15:30

Insect repellent on the market includes the chemical "deet". It's developed in 1946 in America by the US army for military soldiers to avoid mosquitos and mites.

It is said that it's safe for human body but it could be a cause of neurological disorder or dermatitis.

In this class Aromatherapist Yoko teaches you how to make safe and natural insect repellent spray and ointment with four kinds of aromatic essential oils.

Mothers and small kids, welcome.


◇¥3500(including material costs)
Friendship Member/ ¥3000(

 (Kids under 8 years old, please participate with your parent)
◇If you cancel your reservation the two days before the lesson day, we request to pay the whole fee. We will send you the spray and ointment later.


◆Photo Therapy Workshop Horiuchi

◆Jul.31(Tue)  10:00 〜13:00

Taking photos is a nice relaxation as you know. Akiko is a special therapist with photography. You can find clear vision about 'what's your favorite', 'what you need' or about your natural born artisic talent.



 ( a piece of 12inch photocollage paper is a gift for Friendship Members)

◇Please bring your own camera and writing implement. Any kinds are available including disposable camera.


◆Dyeing with Natural plants Tanaka Makiko
◆Aug.1(wed)・Sep.2(sun) 10:00 〜15:30
Let's get beautiful colors from garden plants. You can study basic safe technique and theory about natural dyeing.


◇¥4500+material costs
 Friendship Member/¥4000+material costs
  Students under 18 /¥1500+material costs
◇Please bring lunch, notebook, plastic bags, apron and used T-shirts/scarves or other natural materials which you want to dye.



◆Lesson about Astrology with Colorful Natural Foods
Yokota Mihoko / Umika

◆Aug.2(thu) 12:30 〜15:30

Mihoko is an owner chef of organic catering service "3p.m." Her cooking theory is based on balance of colors, being alive and in tune with astrological rhythm. Umika is an astrologist and aromatherapist.
This is quite a unique collaborative workshop by these fantastic women. You can enjoy amazingly yummy and beautiful organic lunch with an astrology consultation.




◆Paper Craft "Let's Make Morgan's House" Sato Lisa

◆Aug.5(sun) 10:00 〜13:00

An architect J. H. Morgan's home, which was built in Daigiri,Fujisawa City around the sixth year of Showa.(1931), is Kanagawa prefecture's treasure. Lisa is one of the leaders of the"Group To Keep Morgan's Residence". The house unfortunately had an accidental fire t a couple years ago and it greatly damaged the house. Now the members of the group are making efforts for restoration.
The group has a 1/150 size Morgan's house paper model kit designed by HAZEL, paper craft artist in Osaka.
This is a good opportunity to know architectural beauty of Morgan's house and very enjoyable craft work as well.


◇A pair of parent and kid/ ¥1,000 Friendship Member/¥800
(1 kit for 1 pair ¥300 for 1 more kit)

◇It takes about three hours.After finishing, we take a photo of your house model and upload to our website.


◆Handicrafts Party Rocket BananaJunmmyMinamiya

◆Aug.8(wed) open 10:00 〜17:00

Don't you think the time of every kind of handicraft work makes you happy?

Why don't you join our knitting and sewing gathering.

You don't have any tools or materials? No problem. We have them!

Let's enjoy handicraft time with chatting and tea and sweets.


・Let's make socks with leftover yarns.

・Let's make sanitary napkins with secondhand shirts or towels.

・Let's make buttons with cloth by Japanese traditional origami technique.




◆Indigo Tie-Dye   Tanaka Makiko

◆Aug.9(thu)・Aug.(wed)10:00 〜15:30

Indigo blue is the most longing color for us Japanese. We have a long history of Indigo dyeing. You can learn basics of Indigo and tie-dye .


◇Adults/¥4500+material costs
  Friendship Members/¥4000+material costs
   Students under 18 /¥1500+material costs

◇Please bring lunch, notebook, plastic bags, apron and used T-shirts/scarves or other natural materials(except wool) which you want to dye.


◆Kamakura Tea Time Yahara Tadahiko

◆Aug.19(sun) 13:00 〜16:00

It's a very easy and comfortable project for everybody to get together for making a good time with a cup of coffee. There are no difficult rules,themes or purposes. Please join us with easy/open/flexible mind and let's make up joyful brain-storming.


◇Belongings: curiosity and your favorite coffee cup


◆Kamakura Energy Conference Hidaka Tamotsu

◆Aug.26(sun) 14:00 〜

It's the time to think about "how to make up rich life without nuclear power".
Tamotsu who is a local architect believes that one of the most important things is to make a new energy system in a small local unit. This meeting is for knowing/developing many ideas about what we can do next. Let's talk about clean and safe energy systems in Kamakura.


◇¥500(including drinks)


◆NAOMI Voice Training Class Open Lesson Kunoki Naomi

◆Aug.27(mon) 14:00 〜

Naomi's vocal class,one of the most popular classes at Khaju, now has open lessons. Please book beforehand if you want to observe the lesson.




◆Science Craft 〜Colorful Slime World Kurinoki Club

◆Aug.30(thu)open 13:00 〜16:00

This is "artistic chemistry class" for kids. You can experience colorful or shiny "slime" here.Of course you can learn how to make it!




◆Theatre Workshop  Ishikua Masahide (Theatre Akatsuki)

◆Sep.9(sun) 10:00 〜17:00

Theatre Akatsuki is a local Kamakura group which creates original plays at halls, cafes or old Japanese houses and other unique places. Masahide who is a script writer and actor of this theatre group teaches drama workshops for beginners. It could be a good opportunity for you to release your hidden character and to develop your communication skills. All generations are welcome!


◇Adult/¥1,500  Friendshp Member/¥1,400  Child under 12 years old /¥1000

◇Please bring your own drink and lunch.
If you need lunch +¥500


◆Reading Aloud Workshop  Ishikura Masahide

◆Sep.29(sat) 13:00 〜17:00

Masahide also organizes reading workshops. It would be a great time to rediscover the true beauty and power of Japanese language. Let's join with your favorite book.


◇Adult/¥1000  Firenship Member/¥900  Under 12 years old kid/¥500


◆Farming Project for Winter Vegetables Takaki Motoko

◆Sep.23(sun)& Sep.30 (sun)10:00〜

(Oct.7 as alternative in case of rain )

Farming teaches us many things. Motoko is the best teacher of farming in Kamakura. You must get the knack of farming in this class. We are planing to raise some winter vegetables. You can get the harvest in February or March.

1338640754332 Photo

◇1Adult or A pair of parent and child under 12 years old /¥2,500
 Friendship Member/¥2,400
 +1 more kid/¥500



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Knit Cafe June

Knit_aug04 Tokk Knit_nov06_3

◆Knit Cafe June  June 24th. 13:30 -

Makiko's studio in Khaju Art space holds a small comfortable tea party with knitting every 4th Sunday.

Everybody who likes knitting is welcome including beginners.
Don't hesitate to join us!

You can buy beautiful hand-dyed yarns here at very reasonable price.

◆1000 yen for entrance fee (+drinks and sweets)
◆Bring your own knitting tools if you have.
◆Inquiry : 0467-23-3663 or mail us

This month we are also going to joinThink Of JAPAN Whille Kniting Kansai's activity, again.

When you click the project name, you will see the detailed information including draft of the motif design and Youtube movies of how to crochet.

Let's get together to join this project on 24th at Khaju!

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1 day Trial Course of Natural Dyeing in June

Hiogizuisen05 Shakuyaku06

"How do I dye with plants?" If you have such a question, this trial class would be helpful for you to know it. You can learn the basics of natural dyeing with seasonal wild plants for half a day.


June 17th(Sun) 13:00 〜 16:30




・some silk/wool material for dyeing if you have

(You can buy scarves, yarns and so on in the class at reasonable price.)

3,500JPN(+material cost) friendship members 3,200JPN 

Tanaka Makiko


Please send e-mail to Khaju Art Space

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What is "KIBISO"?!


Can you imagine what is KIBISO(生皮苧=raw-skin-nettle)

The answer is a kind of silk fiber.

However, it would be far from your image about silk. Pre-refined KIBISO silk looks very wild like hemp palm and actually quite hard.

Not known to common, but when silkworms spin first, the fibers are covered with hard protein called sericin. That's why our ancestors put 苧-Chines character on its name though it originally means "nettle". Yes, its texture is exactly like nettle hemp.

When silkworm farmers get silk fibers from cocoons, they boil the cocoons and stroke the surface with a bamboo whisk to find the beginning.(From the beginning to the end of a cocoon, they wind about 1500m faber without a break.)

Before finding the true beginning of a long fiber, at the end of bamboo whisk many short waste fibers are stuck. Silkworm farmers gather these waste fibers and spin. This is KIBISO yarns.

Usually we weavers put off the sericin by boiling the fibers with soda to make it soft and shiny. But as I love raw KIBISO's wild and tough texture, I use this without refining. Very difficult to dye and weave, but really attractive!

When we touch hemp palm or hemp nettle, our hands get chapped. But KIBISO doesn't make our hands rough at all. On the contrary, it makes our skin smooth...!

You know we Japanese have countless monstrous creatures in folk tales. One of the famous creatures 苧うに(Ouni), which has same Chines character on name, is well known to have very hard disheveled long hair.(right photo) Looks exactly KIBISO!

I weave KIBISO cloth for Obi or bags time by time.

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