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July 2023

Tanabata Wish

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Today is Tanabata Fes Day.
Tanabata is based on the legendary meeting of two stars, Hikoboshi(Altair) and Orihime(Vega).

As our seasonal function, we write our wishes on strips of colorful paper and hang them from sasa-bamboo branches, which is said to make their wishes come true.

The begining of this week, I prepared bamboo and some piece of paper and pens at the corner of entrance of my studio.
Visitors write their wishes in their own way.

This morning. My eyes were glued on one yellow piece.It was written by a piano-class student girl at the age of seven. Probably she has just mastered Hiragana writing.

Her wish is not something she want nor future of the dream.

"I wish the war between Russia and Ukraine ends"

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