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October 2023

A Rare Gift

Gobaishi01 Gobaishi02

An arborist friend kindly stopped by my studio to give me this treasure.

Insect gall called Gobaishi / Fushi.

Used to be used as dyestuff, ink, leather-tanning and so on.
Usually I buy the dried one at Chinese medicine shop. Very first time to see the fresh one!

Looking forward to dye with it.

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Yes, Wool 100% !

391675692_6362268403878322_6318686283654 391565289_6362268607211635_4393204755877 391503448_6362268567211639_6615867997693

Most of sheep wool of mutton sheep are abandoned in Japan.
We try to upcycle such sheep wool, spinning, weaving or knitting.
Today we took out damage parts, dungs, grasses and soaked into soapy hot water.

Handwork with chatting...a happy Sunday afternoon.

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Autumn Fragrance

391466396_6354285544676608_5438992595215 387819087_6354268294678333_8358791008975

Kinmokusei(fragrant olive) finally began to bloom!
It's so comfortable to be in such fragrant and autumn temperature air.

Good for wool work today.

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From Class Room

387803505_6342917645813398_8647391418527 387794289_6342917575813405_7749439174538 

Obi-belt woven by a student of mine.
The weaving is full of natural beauty, and
her sense of outfit is also awesome!

Obidome-brooch is pomegranate design and obiage-sash is dyed with pomegranate branches and leaves.

Perfect autumn fashion!

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Tokyo Spinning Party 2023

385083019_6314623221976174_4007630267709 384404912_6314624201976076_5918678349881

Sep.30 & Oct.1
Tokyo Spinning Party 2023 was held.

It's one of the biggest fairs for weavers, spinners, knitters and sewers.
So sad that many long-standing stores has been closed since COVID-19, but hand-workers in Japan are still alive well!

Demonstration of Bhutanese weaving by Yakland


There were full of attractive materials.

384756831_6314624295309400_7182383509710 384736767_6314624118642751_6560979930137384766149_6314623901976106_7539288232110

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