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November 2023

Fly Fish


"i:ppin" is up-cycle embroidery project.

Donated beads,buttons, hooks and old accessory parts on hand made felt pieces.

They are shown at Khaju Winter Gift Show.


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Everything is material.


Khaju Winter Gift Show is coming up soon.(Dec.3-10)

Now I'm working on making small items for U-san rabbits. It's miniture of Hagoita, one of the new year decorations.

My rabbit & broach project is completely 'up cycle' . Absolute condition is "not buying materials". Even a tiny piece of paper, cloth, yarn...I need a keen sense of matching every material to new creation.


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Night Work


Work on embroidery with second-hand beads and buttons, remnant yarns sheep wool...my thoughts is going to past history of each material.
It's enjoyable time to give the materials new life.


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