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Biwa, Biwa, Biwa!

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Loquat(Biwa) is well known as highly medicinal tree. Besides one of the precious dye-stuff to get beautiful brownish red.

Makes me so excited! 

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Noshi, Japanese traditional item for formal gift. Original one is a strip of dried abalone wrapped by Washi paper. Now abbreviated one made by paper or printed is general.

I'm going to put it on gifts which is given to guests at Tea-ceremony.

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Happy new year, everyone!

As every year, I finished cooking, traditional New Year's food(Osechi) yesterday.
During the cooking, I was remembering every kindness which I got this year like a flash of memories.

From today to the day after tomorrow, I'm to enjoy Osechi without daily cooking.

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Artisan's New Year Decoration

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Making New Year's decoration, as seasonal customary.
I rase rice plants every year for this.


With gratitude for all kindness, pray for peace and safe of families and friends.

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Fly Fish


"i:ppin" is up-cycle embroidery project.

Donated beads,buttons, hooks and old accessory parts on hand made felt pieces.

They are shown at Khaju Winter Gift Show.


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Everything is material.


Khaju Winter Gift Show is coming up soon.(Dec.3-10)

Now I'm working on making small items for U-san rabbits. It's miniture of Hagoita, one of the new year decorations.

My rabbit & broach project is completely 'up cycle' . Absolute condition is "not buying materials". Even a tiny piece of paper, cloth, yarn...I need a keen sense of matching every material to new creation.


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Night Work


Work on embroidery with second-hand beads and buttons, remnant yarns sheep thoughts is going to past history of each material.
It's enjoyable time to give the materials new life.


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A Rare Gift

Gobaishi01 Gobaishi02

An arborist friend kindly stopped by my studio to give me this treasure.

Insect gall called Gobaishi / Fushi.

Used to be used as dyestuff, ink, leather-tanning and so on.
Usually I buy the dried one at Chinese medicine shop. Very first time to see the fresh one!

Looking forward to dye with it.

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Yes, Wool 100% !

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Most of sheep wool of mutton sheep are abandoned in Japan.
We try to upcycle such sheep wool, spinning, weaving or knitting.
Today we took out damage parts, dungs, grasses and soaked into soapy hot water.

Handwork with chatting...a happy Sunday afternoon.

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From Class Room

387803505_6342917645813398_8647391418527 387794289_6342917575813405_7749439174538 

Obi-belt woven by a student of mine.
The weaving is full of natural beauty, and
her sense of outfit is also awesome!

Obidome-brooch is pomegranate design and obiage-sash is dyed with pomegranate branches and leaves.

Perfect autumn fashion!

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