Misonoi Yuko

It was 2002 that she suddenly came down to Khaju to check the rental room. She was looking for a suitable space for her first exhibition.
Exhibition of Japanese confectioneries?!

It sounded too exciting for me not to say "oh, can I join your exhibit with my fabric items?"
Thank, God. She was so open minded person. She said "Yes!".

At a result, it became a very joyful collaborative exhibit with
Khaju Brand and Chinese tea service and Nomura Mieko's potteries.
Since then she has been keeping touch with Khaju until today.

She was also a member of Trave Art Festival 2005、and 2007 in Kamakura.

The confectionery of the photo is one of her standard items "Dorayaki", ANKO(mashed azuki beans with sugar)covered with tasty pancake. Japanese traditional one).
Her one are unbelievably yummy! Trust me.

Her confectioneries are, as it were, messengers to forward seasonal greetings,
thanks feelings, celebrations, and so on.

I can't wait to see what kind of confectioneries she creates this year.
Yuko always makes action with true heart.
We Khaju members really appreciate it.