<a href="http://khaju.cocolog-nifty.com/shool/2007/07/post_62d7_1.html">アンダンテ・ピアノ・ストゥーディオ</a>は、カジュ開設当初からある一番古い教室の一つです。

<a href="http://khaju.cocolog-nifty.com/shool/2007/07/naomi_98bd_1.html">NAOMIヴォーカル教室</a>の久野木先生も、実は、この教室の卒業生なんです!

・29日 ヴォーカル公開レッスン(午前)
・30日 ピアノ公開レッスン
・ 1日 ヴォーカル・ピアノ発表(午後)


<a href="http://khaju.com/english/info-e02.html">Andante Piano Studio</a> is a popular class which started in1997 as same as Khaju opened.
In these 14 years, this class has been filled with many students from small kids to the aged and quite few students quit.
It means Hata Keiko is such a nice piano teacher, right?

The singer Kunoki Naomi who is a teacher of <a href="http://khaju.com/english/info-e11.html"> NAOMI Vocal Class</a> is also an ex-student of Keiko.

They are going to make up demonstration as below:

*29th Piano open lesson and Piano & Vocal class demonstration
*30th Vocal open lesson
*1st Piano open lesson